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Project Description

Is there anything quite as eye-catching as a reflective card that captivates attention and emanates style?

At Cards-r-us, we specialise in a particular type of product that could be used to maximise your business interactions, promote your services, or act as an emblem of membership.

Our full faced foil cards boast some of the highest quality manufacturing features imaginable and we can print an incredible variety of colours onto your card to showcase your style.

What are full faced foil cards?

We can’t talk for everyone, but our cards in specific are available in Brushed metal, Mirrored and Rainbow finishes; allowing you to create captivating colour combinations that will maximise the impact of your cards!

The stunning foil surface will reflect light from within the card, whilst enhancing the base colours to create a product that will hold your viewer’s attention without difficulty.

We’ll print your design over the reflective surface to create a stimulating visual masterpiece that won’t just have you excited to give your cards out – it will make your recipients feel just as special!

What can these cards be used for?

Almost anything! From creating stylish membership and VIP cards, right through to business cards and everything in between – we’ll take care of the quality and manufacture while you enjoy the aesthetic beauty that your foil cards have to offer.

To learn more or to place an order, why not get in touch with our friendly team today by emailing us? We’re always happy to help, so what have you got to lose?