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Project Description

Plastic Gift Cards Printing

Custom printed plastic gift cardsAt Cards-r-us, our years of expertise in plastic gift card printing combined with our in house printing and fulfillment facilities has given us the competitive edge in offering the perfect plastic cards for your gift cards program.

In the recent years, Plastic Gift Card has been viewed as a powerful marketing tool for almost any type of retail business and has since gained its momentum in replacing the traditional paper gift vouchers . They have become an integral part of modern consumer behaviour, positioned as the “most requested present during the holiday season”. Not only that, but numbers from market research also indicate that retailers who switch from paper gift vouchers to Plastic Gift Cards typically see a 50-100% increase in voucher’ sales.

Plastic gift cards are a convenient option for the gift giver and allow the gift card holder to select a gift that suits their needs. While it’s common knowledge that Gift Cards are attractive to consumers, there are also various advantages it has over paper voucher, they can be:

  • Displayed in the retail store to promote sales
  • Designed and launched at diffrent timing to target specific seasons, products and occassions
  • Tracked & managed much easily with computerised system

Plastic Gift Cards work seamlessly with your POS system when printed with a Barcode, QR Code or encoded Magnetic Strip. Numbering or Variable Data can also be added for tracking purposes. You can even incorporate unique PIN numbers with scratch off panel to enhance security.

At Cards-r-us, we know that a well designed and marketed Gift Card Package will be an effective way to boost your business. So email us your requirement and start reaping the benefits now!